The latest innovation in parking

The latest innovation in parking is the Full Automatic Pallet less Parking based on a wireless shuttle. The driver of the vehicle doesn’t need to do anything more than push the button or use the app on his smartphone to park – or to retain – his car in or out the system. Just take a look at our website or download our brochure.


Autopark Parking Solutions

Why Autopark?

  • 22 Year experience mechanical parking

  • Active in product development –R&D

  • Specialized engineers

  • Software developed by Autopark

  • Modular standard parking equipment

  • Excellent project management

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Our projects

R&D Center Autopark NL
At Autopark’ s Demo Centre in the Netherland the innovative pallet less parking
system has been build and tested.

Public parking –  The Hague Netherlands  – 126 places
   Here the first generation of pallet less parking was used.

More projects
Residential parking Wallnutstreet- USA

Residential parking Wallnutstreet      USA   –  86 places
     This  – recently delivered project – is one from our partner Westfalia . In cooperation
with Autopark the newest innovation of palletless parking system has been integrated.

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