About Autopark

Autopark is a privately owned company founded in 1997, that has realized more than 200 mechanical car park systems all over the world. Initially Autopark offered a wide port-folio of parking solutions: vertical car transport, semi- automatic parking systems and full automatic parking systems. At this moment Autopark focuses only on full automatic pallet less parking projects with more than 100 parking places.

From the early start Autopark invested in its own product development in her R&D center in Oostvoorne (NL). Our R&D center has experienced teams in all disciplines (mechanical, electrical and control-IT). All production is based on our own design and outsourced to specialized manufacturing companies.

Our goal is to help customers from the start to finish to get an advanced, reliable and cost effective parking solution. This means if you have the idea, the location and budget we can advise, design, install and maintain your parking system.

The  innovative full automatic pallet less parking systems of Autopark are “State of the Art” and  based on standard components. In 2015 Autopark launched the second generation of this pallet less automatic parking systems, based on wireless shuttles at a normal flat (concrete) floor.

All local and foreign investors, developers and architects who have visited our R&D center and have seen the pallet less system in action, agree that this in a highly innovative and effective solution when many parking places are required in relatively limited space.

The ambition of Autopark is: to market the Autopark parking systems worldwide and set the standard for quality and reliability in parking systems. Recently Autopark realized several ambitious projects in cooperation with her strategic partners in the US, Europe and Asia.

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