Pallet less Parking

The latest innovation in parking is the Full Automatic Pallet less Parking based on a wireless shuttle. The driver of the vehicle doesn’t need to do anything more than push the button or use the app on his smartphone to park – or to retain – his car in or out the system.

As the name already suggests no pallets are used; the traditional automatic parking systems car were located on a huge place and parked together with the pallet. By using a transporter and shuttles the vehicle will be automatically parked on the normal flat (concrete) floor.  Not using pallets means using less steel and therefore lower costs per parking place and a much faster system because empty pallet transport is not needed.

The transfer room – where you first park your car – can be transformed to a room as luxury as you wish. It can be provided with led-lights, paintings or wallpaper, artificial flowers or other items you would like.

Also the registration pole – where the driver checks his vehicle in or out – can be adjusted to your wishes. In this way the parking system can be personalized.

How it works
Once the vehicle is in parked in the system, the length of the car’s wheelbase and orientation is measured. By using this technology the system can handle multiple car sizes. As soon as the vehicle is positioned in the transfer room and all passengers are out of the car, the turn-table will turn the car in the right direction. The shuttle will drive under the car, the wheels will be clamped and the car is transported on the shuttle to the T-car (transporter). This T-car transports the vehicle into the parking system and position it on a concrete deck.

Standardized modules
Each parking system is always configured with one or more of the following standard modules:

  • Shuttle
  • T-car
  • Transfer units (entrance and/or exit)
  • Turn-plate
  • Vertical lift (Side-of-Aisle or End-of-Aisle)

The logistic control and remote service of the system will be organized by our standard Park manager Software

Layout options
With our technology we have an option for horizontal and/or vertical orientated layout . The projects can be realized underground or upper ground.  Depending of the project size we can offer single deep – multi deep and / or single lane – multi lane layout basement parking or vertical tower parking

Please have a look at a video of our system or you can also find more information under Projects.