Our projects

Autopark has realized more than  200 projects last 20 Year with mechanical car parking . Not only full automatic parking projects are build but also semi-automatic projects and vertical car transport projects are realized . At the moment the sales focus is on larger automatic car parking systems based on pallet less parking technology  .Below you can find some examples of recently realized project

R&D Autopark NL
At Autopark’ s Demo Centre in the Netherland the innovative pallet less parking system has been build
and tested.

    Public parking –  The Hague Netherlands  – 126 places
   Here the first generation of pallet less parking was used.

Residential parking Wallnutstreet- USA

Residential parking Wallnutstreet      USA   –  86 places
     This  – recently delivered project – is one from our partner Westfalia . In cooperation
with Autopark the newest innovation of palletless parking system has been integrated.

Public parking – Juniperstreet – Philidelpia USA – 104 places
This new project – started, but not yet finished – is also a project from our partner Westfalia
where the new innovation pallet less parking will be used.

nr. 6 Hospital Shanghai – China – mixed parking-visitors & personell 500 places
With our local partner a hospital parking is in realization based on 8 level above ground and 7 transfer units at ground level

ShuGuang East hospital-  Shanghai – China  – mixed parking – visitors&personell –  
Together with our Chines partner  the new palletless parking technology will be used in a
8 layer tower – where a total of 430 upper ground parking places will be realized.