Remote diagnose

Autopark service concept is based on fully remote diagnose and service for their systems including remote video monitoring. In case of any deviation of the process an alarm signal is sent to a central control room. This means before any disturbance will appear, the service operator is already informed .

Redundancy concept

Autopark projects are based on full logistic redundancy. This means the project design is always based on minimal 2 transfer area,  2 vertical lifts, 2 T-cars and 2 shuttles in the layout concept which makes it possible to continue the car handling also if one device is out of order for service or maintenance. This gives us the option to offer the highest availability and reliability!

Service and maintenance organization

Autopark has organized the service of their projects in the first and second line with their local partners. Most of the times these partners are also involved in assembling and installing the parking system, so they know your parking system in technical detail. Autopark has trained each local service team and is – of course – available for specialized support when needed.

Spare part

Autopark always advises her customers to have a spare part package on site. In this way parts that are most used or most critical, will be immediately available when replacement is needed. In this way the service team can fix the problem immediately or do preventive maintenance without the system ever being in out-of use.